WHEATGERM OIL For Racing Pigeons

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To ensure your racing pigeon reaches its peak performance and health during critical periods like moulting, breeding, and racing, Aviform presents Wheatgerm Oil. Our Wheatgerm Oil surpasses other vegetable oils in its Vitamin E content, making it the ideal choice for your pigeon’s wellbeing.

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Introducing our pure Wheatgerm Oil, a natural and pure Vitamin E supplement. This is your secret weapon for promoting fertility in racing pigeons. Our Wheatgerm Oil is known for its extraordinary benefits in enhancing the reproductive capabilities of birds.

We understand the importance of maintaining the optimum health of your birds, which is why we ensure our Wheatgerm Oil provides unmatched levels of Vitamin E.

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Did you know, that not all vegetable oils are created equal? Aviform Wheatgerm Oil stands above the rest in terms of Vitamin E content. For instance, while some cheaper products include Selenium as a carrier base to reduce costs, we never compromise on quality. We avoid the use of carriers or fillers in our products, resulting in the purest and most potent supplements for your pigeons. Selenium may enhance the absorption of Vitamin E, however, it can also be toxic in high doses. This mineral is naturally present in the environment and certain feeds, which means excessive supplementation can lead to toxic levels. Consequently, In laying birds, elevated selenium levels can impact embryo development resulting in deformities, and death, and impair overall reproductive health.

Trust our Wheatgerm Oil to provide your racing pigeons with the highest quality, uninhibited Vitamin E support they need for optimal health and performance. Our commitment to purity and safety ensures that your pigeons receive the best care without any compromise.

Give your racing pigeons the advantage they need with Wheatgerm. Boost fertility, increase breeding success, and ensure optimal reproductive health with this tried and trusted supplement. Harness the power of nature and experience the remarkable effects of Vitamin E on your beloved pigeons’ fertility with Wheatgerm.

Looking for advice on selecting the perfect supplements for your pigeons? Feel free to get in contact with us anytime. Allow us to assist and improve the health and performance of your cherished birds.

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