VITALCOAT Cat Coat and Skin Supplement Conditioner

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Our carefully developed supplement blends fish and vegetable oils, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and evening primrose oil to provide your cat’s skin and coat with the utmost care it deserves.

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Experience the transformative power of our cat coat and skin supplement. Our specially formulated supplement combines the perfect blend of fish and vegetable oils, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and evening primrose oil to give your cat’s skin and coat the care it deserves.

Essential Fatty Acids are essential nutrients unable to be produced by the body, making them crucial to include in your cat’s diet. They play a vital role in cell formation and maintaining excellent skin condition. GLA, derived from the breakdown of Essential Fatty Acids, is essential for healthy skin. Without enough GLA, your cat may experience dry, scaly, and itchy skin. Scratching can worsen the condition, leading to redness and hair loss.

Vitalcoat improves both coat and skin condition, resulting in a healthy and vibrant appearance. Our high-concentrate formula sets us apart from other products that contain excessive vegetable oils. With just 1ml of Vitalcoat per 10kg of body weight, our supplement is incredibly economical and ensures precise dosing for optimal results.

Even healthy cats on complete diets have benefited from improved coat condition with Vitalcoat. It’s not just for cats with existing issues – it’s for every cat that deserves a healthy, shiny coat.

Why Vitalcoat?

  • Healthy skin: Maintain a strong and resilient skin barrier for your feline companion.
  • Address various coat and skin issues: Combat greasy coats, scaly or itchy skin, and excessive shedding with our powerful formulation.
  • Support for older cats: Provide extra care and support to ageing cats by maintaining their coat and skin health.
  • Exceptional value: This cat coat and skin supplement is cost-effective, ensuring you get the most out of your purchase.

Not only does Vitalcoat feature Scottish Salmon Oil sourced from Atlantic Salmon reared in sea lochs and open water under strict welfare conditions. But it is also enriched with Evening Primrose Oil and Vitamins A & E to further enhance skin health.

Experience our upgraded formula with a higher omega 3 content and improved palatability. It’s a unique formulation that addresses a wide range of skin and coat-related problems, providing proven ingredients for optimal results.

Choose Vitalcoat skin and coat supplements for cats to give your cat the supreme coat and skin condition they deserve. With a balanced combination of gamma linoleic acid (GLA), essential fatty acids, vitamins, and salmon oil, our veterinary specification supplement ensures the best care for your feline friend. Don’t just settle for ordinary – let Vitalcoat deliver extraordinary results.

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