TUMMYTONIC® New Formula Penta-biotic® Digestive Supplement for Dogs

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  • Contains Penta-biotic® pre, post and probiotics
  • Veterinarian endorsed
  • A source of fibre
  • Daily digestion support for your dog
  • Improves overall health and vitality
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Ensure optimal digestive health for your furry friend with this daily digestive supplement for dogs!

Tummytonic® is a next-generation probiotic, prebiotic and postbiotic for the pet parents of dogs with sensitive tums, and those looking to maintain healthy digestion in their pooch.

Our new Penta-biotic® synergy (triple-action prebiotics, canine approved probiotics and canine specific postbiotics) makes this so much more than just a digestive supplement!

Tummytonic® is a unique blend of natural ingredients for healthy digestion and immunity while relieving your dog from wind, loose stools, unwanted odour and other digestive issues. Tummytonic® promotes a healthy balance in the digestive system reducing harmful bacteria and promoting good bacteria. Not only does this fast-acting supplement aid in eliminating toxins, it is also highly palatable. Meaning it is suitable for even the fussiest of eaters!

Looking for an immediate solution? Discover our Montytummy formulated for quick relief for dogs with loose motions.

Purchase Tummytonic® as part of a flexible subscription plan, and you’ll save 30% on every order! Alternatively, you can make a one-time purchase. Either way, you’ll get this superior formula straight to your door.

Highest Quality, Guaranteed.

Tummytonic® is manufactured and formulated in the UK to an exacting standard of quality and purity. We know how important it is that our products meet the daily needs of your pup which is why, like all our dog supplements, Tummytonic® can be combined with other Aviform dog products creating a tailored combination of ingredients to suit your dog’s needs.

Furthermore, our dog supplements come with our 60-Day See The Difference Guarantee, offering competitive reassurance. Place your risk-free order today!

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