SHELL STUFF! Liquid Calcium Supplement for Chickens

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This carefully formulated supplement is enriched with easily absorbable calcium and increased levels of Vitamin D3.


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Presenting Shell Stuff! A liquid calcium supplement for chickens and poultry birds. This specially developed supplement is enriched with highly soluble calcium and elevated levels of Vitamin D3, aiming to address calcium deficiency and promote optimal breeding conditions in birds.

The concentrated formula of Shell Stuff! Liquid calcium supplement guarantees complete water solubility, facilitating effortless administration and optimal absorption by your feathered companions.

Calcium is essential for the well-being of birds as it plays a critical role in maintaining strong bones, proper muscle function, and promoting eggshell production. By adding calcium supplements to your birds’ diet, you are ensuring they receive the vital nutrients necessary for optimal health.

By incorporating Shell Stuff! Liquid calcium supplement for chickens into your breeding regimen, you can provide vital support of essential calcium and Vitamin D3 for successful reproduction in birds. Calcium deficiency during breeding can lead to various complications, but with Shell Stuff!, you can confidently nurture your birds’ breeding health.

Seamlessly integrate Shell Stuff! liquid calcium with other Aviform products to customize your birds’ requirements and streamline their care routine.

Looking for a powder calcium supplement? Consider our SHELL STUFF! Powder Calcium for Chickens. A water-soluble powder calcium and vitamin D3 alternative.

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