PRP Avian Respiratory Performance

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PRP Pigeon Respiratory Performance is a unique high potency respiratory formula containing essential oils, Natural Vitamin E and Sel-Plex Selenium which increase resistance to respiratory challenge by enhancing mucus secretion, increasing excretion of foreign bodies, supporting natural immunity and improving oxygen uptake in the lungs.

Respiratory infections are a major cause of reduced stamina and performance in pigeons, especially during young bird racing. It can spread rapidly if environmental or nutritional conditions are not optimal.

PRP Pigeon Respiratory Performance is designed to combat these issues through a natural antibacterial effect. It supports the specific immune reaction while suppressing a rise in body temperature, and increasing the bird’s general resistance by its content of natural Vit E and organic selenium.

Can be added to the food at a rate of 2 grams to 1 kg of grain after moistening with a seed oil, eg Cold Pressed Flax Oil at a rate of 1-2 ml/kg.

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