ENDURABOOST Energy & Recovery Supplement for Horses

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New EnduraBoost is a concentrated performance supplement with added L-carnitine for energy, stamina, and recovery when your horse needs that extra boost. Added Postbiotics help to boost your horse’s immunity.

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Introducing Enduraboost energy, stamina & recovery supplement for horses. This concentrated formula, enriched with L-carnitine, delivers a powerful, on-demand boost to enhance endurance and accelerate recovery. Furthermore, it strengthens your horse’s immunity, resulting in peak performance.

Enduraboost is fortified with elevated concentrations of L-Carnitine – an extensively researched amino acid ingredient with proven benefits for boosting performance and accelerating stamina recovery in horses.

Additionally, Enduraboost is enriched with Postbiotics. This powerful ingredient is backed by over 500 controlled research studies and over 140 peer-reviewed publications. These confirm the positive impact of Postbiotics on immune strength, digestive health, overall well-being, performance, and even expedited recovery.

As an added benefit, we have included vitamin B12 to help manage stress, enhance performance, and boost endurance. Unlock the full potential of your horse with the power of Enduraboost.

Highest Quality, Guaranteed.

All our supplements are manufactured and formulated in the UK to an exacting standard of quality and purity. It is packed with ingredients proven to work as well as those included in competing products that may be more costly with an inferior specification. We never use bulkers or fillers.

We know how important it is that our products meet the daily needs of your horse. Consequently, you can combine Enduraboost Energy & Recovery Supplement for horses with other Aviform horse products resulting in a tailored combination of ingredients suited to your horse’s needs.

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