Comfy Bed Bales (Wood Chip)

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ComfyBed® Equine Bedding: Keep Calm and Get Comfy


  1. Virtually Dust-Free
  2. Very dry
  3. Very absorbent
  4. Excellent drainage
  5. Provides maximum cushioning
  6. Odourless
  7. Doesn’t cling to tails and manes
  8. Completely natural and biodegradable
  9. Easy to muck out
  10. Low maintenance
  11. Easy to handle (23kg bales)
  12. Waterproof bale enables neat external storage

How to use: 

  1. Clean out the stable
  2. For a 12′ x 12′ stable, spread 10 bales of ComfyBed®
  3. Adjust the recommended ratio depending on the stable size
  4. Spread ComfyBed® with a rake ensuring a depth of 6″ throughout
  5. Reintroduce your horse to the stable
  6. Droppings can be easily removed with a fork without much bedding loss
  7.  Add 1-2 bales of ComfyBed® per week by replacing bedding in any excessively soiled areas
  8. Removed material is ideal for compost
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Weight30 kg

ComfyBed® Equine Bedding