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P3 immunostimulant is a high quality prebiotic & probiotic specifically designed for Pigeons to improve their intestinal microbial balance.

P3 immunostimulant works by flooding the bowel with beneficial bacteria. These bacteria produce acids such as lactic acid, that keep the contents of the stomach and intestine weakly acidic, thus favoring the growth of ‘good’ bacteria and inhibiting the growth of ‘bad’ bacteria. They also preferentially occupy receptor sites so that they are not available to disease causing bacteria.

Everyday use of P3 immunostimulant helps maintain a balanced digestive system, thus optimizing digestion of feed and enhancing your birds’ health, naturally.

– Prevents colibacillosis and salmonellosis.
– Regenerates the intestinal flora of pigeons.
– Strengthens immunity.
– Regulates metabolism.

Instructions for Use:

Can be added to the food at a rate of 2 gramms to 1 kg of grain after moistening with a seed oil, eg Cold Pressed Flax Oil at a rate of 1-2 ml/kg.

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