Arcadia PureSun Midi, 14w, 2.4% UVB Lamp

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Replacement bulb for your Arcadia PureSun Midi.

It provides high quality, full spectrum +UVB light, essential to the natural production of Vitamin D3. Unlike ineffective LED systems the Arcadia ‘Bird Lamp’ boasts a gentle 2.4% UVB which will, if used as directed, help to both activate natural colour vision and cause the production of the essential Vitamin D3 within the body in a safe and regulated way.

As always the high quality German made lamp is guaranteed to be UVB potent for 12 whole months (up to 12 hours a day) and is easy to change at the end of this period.

  • 2.4% UVB and 12% UVA for optimal avian use
  • 550mm (20″) long

See our further information on the importance of lighting to your bird’s health

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